This months circus themed model is taking a slightly darker form. Meet Chuckle and Cheer, the conjoint Circus freaks. Despite their intimidating appearance, the brothers try their best to make guests feel welcome by playing music on their accordion.

This two page toy was designed by Alexander Gwynne and is available as a free download, making it the prefect rainy-day activity for any friendly freak fan.

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Each twin has control of one of the arms, so they have to work together to play their favorite instrument, the accordion. They play music for the circuses guests as well as tell jokes, mostly knock knock jokes. The main drawback for the twins is that Cheer suffers from stage fright, whilst Chuckles loves the lime light, so there’s usually a huge argument between the two before they go out and perform.

Take a picture of your new two headed friend and post it to Twitter or the Urban Paper Collective Facebook page along with pictures of the previous months models you’ve assembled.